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happened within a mile of each other and just minutes apart. similar molotov cocktails were used in total -- six adults and one child were taken to hospital. all are listed in good condition and all are expected to be ok. >> i had to climb out the bedroom window and there was trouble. i was scared and didn't know what to do. >> a frightening morning for residents in northeast baltimore that awoke just before 4:00 to fire engulfing their building. six adults and one boy were taken to a hospital with injuries. around the same time, there was a fire at a nearby complex. luckily no one was injured there. it police say both were started by molotov cocktails, the work of an arsonist. >> i can tell you this is a very dangerous arsonist. anyone that would firebomb house where they could reasonably believe people were sleeping is
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dangerous and they have an intent to kill. >> police believe the incidents are connected, working alongside investigators, looking for information in that neighborhood. they say the apartments appear to be chosen at random. >> based on the victim ology, it doesn't appear these are targeted. it could be as simple as juvenile playing a very dangerous prank or if it is something more serious, we will be on that very quickly. >> 12 apartments were destroyed, leaving families homeless. fire officials say all the victims are expected to recover. the situation could have been much worse. >> it a minor miracle everyone got out safely. at that time in the morning, molotov cocktails are meant to start a fire quickly and to have that fire spread quickly. >> police say they have
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increased presence in the neighborhoods tonight. if anyone has any information about these incidents, they're asked to contact police. >> a recent string of islands in baltimore is causing concern that the city's progress in cutting crime is being reversed. it comes amid a big shake-up at the police department. our lead investigative reporter has more on the numbers and the questions. >> the spike in by once underlined by the murder monday that a government researcher outside as northeast baltimore home. >> no suspects have been named in the murder. the 51-year-old government researcher was shot and killed as he arrived home after choir practice. tonight, we have learned police are considering a theory that he was mistaken for a food delivery person because he was carrying bags as he exited his car.
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police have been dealing with iran of carjackings targeting delivery people. year to date, there have been 24 carjackings in the district, up 84% over the 13 carjackings last year. citywide, homicides are up year to date, 153 this year, five more than this time last year. none of it is welcome news at city hall. >> i'm not happy with one homicide. around from my house, had three within a month. three murders with the month. what i was watching the raven's game on sunday, i heard a shot. >> the city council president acknowledged the timing of the recent spike in violence. it comes during a shake-up of leadership in the police department. the mayor's decision to go outside the police department for a new commissioner, the head of the criminal investigation, a 30 ted -- 32-year veteran has announced he's retiring. the deputy police commissioner,
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i can't it for the top job could go next year. the council president worries about the loss of key talent. >> i believe we need to stay inside so we can keep our strategy that we have in place moving forward. >> on sunday morning, the mayor said there is good talent inside the police department but she said she went outside to get what she called the best. herpetic was last in oakland, california. he must be confirmed by the city council. >> a cosmetic surgery center is shut down in baltimore county due to the spread of an invasive bacteria. at least three people who had procedures at the monarch med spa contracted an infection and one of them has died. let's go live to what authorities know so far. >> those three people got sick with severe cases of group a streptococcus. as the health department tries to figure out how, when, and
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where the people of got infected, health officials have shut down monarch med spa in the meantime. all three patients had liposuction procedures that here between mid august and mid september. all three patients were hospitalized with severe cases of group a streptococcus. one of them died. it is unclear how these people got it to begin with. >> it a bacteria infection of the skin. however, those are very serious infections. we did have one person who passed away from that particular affection. >> it often found on the throne or on the stand. in most cases, it is mild but they can cause severe and life- threatening diseases once they enter into the bloodstream, mussels or lungs. in response to the ongoing
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investigation, they released the following statement -- mark has been in the business for eight years and has successfully performed thousands of complication-free surgery is performed by a licensed health professionals. they say the possible origin of the infection is being closely investigated. the health department says they have been very cooperative throughout the investigation. officials urged anyone with infections or flu-like symptoms , contacted their health providers immediately. >> thank you. it has been almost a year since the county executive announced a joint partnership with to powerhouse realty firms to completely overhaul the allowance bill ball to make it an upscale shopping destination. but we have not heard anything since that announcement. >> now a developer has made a bid for the mall to take a
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totally different direction. >> the announcement was made in november of last year about these so-called big changes that are going to happen. so far, nothing has happened and this prompted other developers to look at the mall, including one who has made a bid for the original developers. >> to the people of polling smells, congratulations because it's going to be happening now. >> that was the baltimore county executive last year promising the people the eyesore that was once olin's mills mall would receive a complete makeover thanks to a joint venture. but that was before the county council approved zoning for an upscale center to be built at the site of a nearby pickup
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factory and a proposal submitted by different developer. >> you have thompson town center and hunt valley which i consider to be class a places to shop. i don't think there's room for another fashion center with solo cup going how high end. >> the company made an offer to buy the share and 15% of the project. he says he got the idea after the controversy surrounding the solo cup site. they've been interested in the site for a decade. >> comments were made that if this was approved, this would not be made. this was to go ahead and make the offer. >> if they decided to sell, there are plans for three box stores, a deep discount grocer and other retail, including a drugstore, a large discount liquor store, and a dollar store
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while keeping j.c. penney's and the movie theater. while general growth's did not return our calls, pimco did, telling us that owings mills mall is not for sale. it's a long-term hold for us. he county executive who was very excited was not available for comment. a spokesperson only said pimco when general growth properties still have a contract to redevelop the mall. >> america's realty has given the go-ahead -- says if given the go-ahead, it could have the project done within the next 2 1/2 years. the only thing concerning this story is no one knows or at least they're not telling me what the future for the mall will be. >> u.s. security officials ruled last week's killing and libya a terrorist attack. >> one major question remains. we'll have the latest coming up.
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>> the latest political ammunition in the race for the white house is a 14-year-old audio tape. you'll your part of it, coming up. >> the orioles get younger in the bullpen and after last night, they will need that youthful energy. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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go. there's nothing stopping you. >> top u.s. security officials are calling the killings at u.s.
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embassy last week a terrorist attack. but what remains under debate is whether the attack was planned are spontaneous. officials are looking at indications that the individuals may have that connection -- had connections to al qaeda. >> i don't think people come to protest a equipped with rpgs and other heavy weapons. >> we are gathering evidence and try to short out the facts. -- try to sort out the facts. >> the secretary of homeland securities as the real threat related to the video as part the attacks have remained overseas. ms. romney continues to feel the fallout from the secret fund raiser video. >> he and other republicans are playing, president obama made as a state senator in 1998 on the redistribution of wealth. let's go live to washington for more on that story. >> and audio clip of comments the president made 14 years ago
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is the latest ammunition the romney camp is using to try to redirect the political conversation. >> the tape came out a couple of days ago with the president saying he believes in redistribution. >> met romney, seizing on president -- that state senator -- barack obama made in 1998. >> i actually believe in redistribution. >> romney told donors that redistribution creates a permanent underclass. >> you say we are going to take from you if you are successful to give to others. you make that the hallmark of america and you kill the power of our economy. >> when the academy is having a bad they are bad month, you make an effort to change the subject. we might be witnessing that now. >> republican strategists say the tape is fair game. >> you can take a 14-year-old tape and match it against the
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president and a look the same. >> mayor ron because half the american people -- mitt romney called half the american people -- >> it fits into what we have been saying about mitt romney and what people have been worried about. he is focused on making sure wealthy folks get tax cuts but doesn't care so much about the middle class. >> some republican members of congress, particularly those in tight races are trying to distance themselves from romney and those comments he made. >> yesterday's severe weather moves off the coast in time to allow sunshine to return. it's going to hang around for a couple of days. we should enjoy some beautiful last days of summer. fall begins officially on saturday. you can see a few high, thin clouds along the eastern seaboard.
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the storms yesterday were pushed along by a cold front. the low temperatures this morning were down around freezing. 40 degrees in cincinnati. 60 so far for the low, but it could go lower than that before midnight. we're expecting temperatures to drop through the early evening. we could get below 60, especially in outlying suburban areas. 71 degrees in the afternoon. six degrees below average. we are running in a cool weather pattern and it is a lot drier. these are the current temperatures. 68 on the coast at ocean city. watch the two. -- 24 hours ago, still in the '70s. tropical-like air and then the dry air came in behind that with the dew point numbers down in the '30's and '40's. a solid 20 or 30 degree drop,
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that means a lot of moisture scoured out of the atmosphere. clear skies and light went and a dry atmosphere -- it cools off quickly. high pressure to the west, clearing out skies as you can see. hanging around thursday and friday. the front will can hear it a chance for a thunderstorm, clearing out for the second half of the weekend. it will be beautiful with partly cloudy skies and warmer with the wind shifting to the south. showers across the mountain pushing toward baltimore. the deeper into saturday, the better the chance for showers hitting the baltimore area after sunset. tomorrow, a beautiful day. southeast winds and the sum up at 6:53. the wind is light and in the mountains, the potential for frost in the morning. a warm up to 65 and partly
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cloudy skies. on the eastern shore, it's going to be a beauty. low humidity and on the coast, a sunny to partly cloudy and all- out sunshine on friday. the nice weather continues to friday. the first day of fall -- on sunday, sunny skies and northwest breeze. more sunshine for monday. >> the orioles were trying to improve their defense and they turned to a rookie pitcher to improve and exhausted bullpen on the heels of a 18-inning win. the orioles burnt through several relievers last bite, putting the innings at work,
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making expediting the arrival the topic of the day. the team's no. 1 draft pick foes -- posted a 9-3 record. the effort by joe saunders tonight -- they could very well make their big league debut against the mariners. everyone will have to fight exhaustion tonight. bottom of the force -- taking the pitch over the wall. chris davis singles and a tie run, setting this one on to a string of extra innings. the backup catcher, only the second hit of the season. the orioles go on to win in 18 innings. they've won 14 straight extra
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inning games. the yankees and the blue jays on a double header. the bottom of the first -- doubling over the head of the center. talk of the eight -- going for the single. two batters later, a double to right field. the blue jays back, but they could not get any closer as the yankees' hold on in the first double header. the orioles staff half a game at first and a half a game at the top spot for the wild card. the rays look almost out of it with only 14 games left to play. this marks the only time the orioles and the ravens have 14 games left and both teams face must win situations.
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for the ravens, it's a when they get is the patient -- against the patriots. no one needs a reminder of how it ended last year. don't talk about revenge and a rematch. you can't avenge a championship loss and the regular season. the ravens have never started a season one and two and four re lewis, that means focusing on this week and this team. >> you don't hold on to nothing. win, lose, or draw, you go on. we have a totally different makeup of the team calling a totally different outlook. we're looking at this as a totally different game. >> different outlook, same objective -- beat new england. coming up, your seven best forecast. i
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>> a plea deal falls through -- the latest on two criminal case should -- true criminal cases how -- using campaign money to buy a wedding dress and paying
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an employee. and an update on the blue crab harvest -- how compares naturally -- how it compares nationally. those stories and the latest on the shutdown of a a medical
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino.
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four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >> back to the beautiful weather for thursday and friday. cut -- a front comes through on saturday, but that makes for
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perfect football weather on sunday. >> thank you for joining us.
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